Kingmaker: Settlers of the Stolen Lands

Session Summary - 16th November 14

Kingmaker Campaign
GM: Simon
Raelyn Bellintore (Hailey)
Soren (Rawry)
Khevlar (Stephen)
Trevor Tinlibus “Twitchy fingers” Tosslesteel (Dave)
Diggle (Shaun)
Stampy (Diggle’s Mastadon)

Diggle’s Diary

After fighting off the wolves the rest of the night passed quietly, except for Raelyn’s nightmares keeping her awake most of the night. The next day we found the moon radishes, but we were not the first to get there. Lying on the ground in a stupor were four groaning kobolds who looked like they had stuffed themselves on the radishes which grew in abundance in the glade. When they saw us however, the kobolds jumped up and started tossing Radishes at us, gibbering away in their strange tongue that no one in the crew could understand. The message was clear however, they were not going to share the radishes with anyone and were determined to protect their turf.
But we were equally determined so we readied weapons and waded into the fray. Raelyn seemed a little distressed and I heard her muttering something like “So cute.” And “What a shame.” At one point she tried to frighten off one of the kobolds with a fancy sword routine but while the kobold was distracted I rode in and Stampy impaled the hapless creature on his tusks. Sorry Lass, but life is tough on the frontier and no matter how cute you think these creatures are, they wouldn’t have hesitated to finish us off if the roles had been reversed. After the kobolds were defeated we searched the area and found four large baskets of radishes, so decided it was high time to head back to Oleg’s with our booty. Raelyn also was keen to chat to Jhod about her nightmares and see if the cleric could shed any light on the situation. Twitchy was running low on his imported caviar as well so was keen to restock. Khvelar was keen to pick up a crossbow if the opportunity arose.
Svetlana was overjoyed with the radishes and rewarded us richly, so we had a look through Oleg’s stock and Khevlar got his crossbow. I picked out a nice set of chainmail that was just my size which meant I had a little more protection in battle. We also restocked the trail rations and picked up some more gossip from the Trading Post.
Most importantly Raelyn had a chat with Jhod and although the priest was confused saying such magic was quite powerful and would normally need more knowledge of the subject, in this case Raelyn, he suggested that perhaps the creature could be reasoned with to stop its nightly attacks on the swashbuckler’s dreams. So we decided (Raelyn told us) that we needed to go back to Nettles Crossing and have it out with the watery zombie.
On the way we stopped to explore the area as we had rushed through on our initial foray to find the bandits. We didn’t find much and I even had trouble scratching up enough tucker to feed us all so we had to dip into the trail rations. Then we got back to the crossing and Raelyn rushed up to the bank and started shouting for the zombie to come out and face her. She promised to slay the stag lord and throw his body in the river, if only the zombie would get out of her head and let he sleep. Khevlar and I tried to hold Raelyn back as in the middle of the river we saw the zombie rise up out of the water, nod its head to the fuming swashbuckler and slowly sink back beneath the waves. Not sure what exactly had happened we camped for the night by the river bank and in the morning Raelyn seemed happier as she had slept the entire night with no nightmares. The rest of us were relieved and so struck camp and headed out to explore.
Soon came across greying hulk of a giant old sycamore tree visible for miles around. Raelyn spotted the entrance to a den in the base of the tree and I check for trail signs and determined the den belonged to mites. Mites hate Gnomes and Dwarves and I can tell you the feeling is mutual. So I voted for going in and clearing out the little blighters, Twitchy and Khevlar backed me up and although she was reluctant to squeeze into the tight confines of the Mite’s den, Raelyn had little choice but to follow us in. I set Stampy to guard and entrance and down we went into the Mite’s hole.
The first room we came to looked like a workshop of sorts, filled with brick-a-brak, workbenches, old metal and wood. A pair of mites was engaged in an interesting game, using tiny catapults to fire caltrops into each other’s mouths. Upon seeing me in the tunnel however they turned their catapults on me and launches the caltrops in my direction. Luckily the tiny metal missiles bounced off my shiny new set of chainmail. Khevlar squeezed past me in the tight tunnel and fired his new crossbow at one of the mites, then I stepped in and dropped with my trusty hammer. The second mite fled the scene heading deeper underground so Khevlar gave chase, sliding down the tunnel after the little bugger. Twitchy and Raelyn followed as they could with the swashbuckler not happy having to squeeze into the tight tunnels. The next time the tunnel opened out we found a cavern with six mites standing around poking a captured Kobold with pointy sticks. The tribe must have captured a group of the little lizards as several fresh corpses littered the floor or we hung up against the wall tied to roots. The last Kobold didn’t look like he was going to last long, but luckily for him, the mites noticed Khevlar coming out of the tunnel and they positively hate Dwarves, and Gnomes for that matter so they leapt to attack us. Kwevlar swapped to his waraxes after dropping one mite with his crossbow and carved a path into the cave while they all missed as he ducked past. Twitchy spread his fingers and muttered an arcane phrase and fire leapt from his fingers burning the mites (and the Kobold, who collapsed against the wall.) Eventually when there were only a single mite left, it turned tail and fled across a wide cavern that split the tunnel and dropped away to darkness. We took one look and decided no way were we following that way.
Raelyn stabilised the dying Kobold and when the poor creature came around, he was so grateful he fell to his knees and grovelled at Raelyn’s feet. Luckily the Kobold – Mikmek, knew a little Common so using a combination of sign language and simple words we found out his story. Mikmek told us that the Kobold God (we figured an idol of some type) had been stolen by the Mites and so the tribe has sent out search parties to try and recover the lost idol. This fitted in with the rumours we had heard that something had riled up the Kobolds, so we told Mikmek we would help him by searching the Mite’s den for the idol and return it to him. I had him return to the surface and commanded Stampy to protect him. We then tried a different tunnel to see if we could get deeper into the Mite’s lair.
We found a wet, damp tunnel filled with mounds of eggs. Nasty stuff, smelled terrible. In the room were three centipedes and a mite. They didn’t last long, we did not want to spend much time in the damp chamber so carved our way through and found the mite’s common room. A broken bookcase filled with feathers, centipede legs, bones and other strange items dominated the room while arranged around the room were six mites, involved in all manner of strange activities. One mite played a broken musical instrument while two others threw stones at him. Another mite sat there reading a tattered book – upside-down. Then as they noticed us the mites gathered and attacked while other swarmed from deeper in the den, including the Mite Chieftain mounted on a giant bug. The bug proved to be the most difficult opponent, and managed to make a mockery of us, chewing both Raelyn and Twitchy into pulp and spitting them out. Khevlar was having a tough time fighting off mites and trying to heal his companions, while I was missing Stampy terribly. Eventually we defeated the mites and paused to heal up before we continued searching for the Kobold Idol.

Here we Paused.
Ping – Level 2


Ange Snuffa

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