Kingmaker: Settlers of the Stolen Lands

Session Summary - 26th October 2014

Our First Mission - A hunting we will go...

Kingmaker Campaign
GM: Simon
Raelyn Bellintore (Hailey)
Soren (Rawry)
Khevlar (Stephen)
Trevor Tinlibus “Twitchy fingers” Tosslesteel (Dave)
Diggle (Shaun)
Stampy (Diggle’s Mastadon)

Diggle’s Diary
This new guy showed up at Oleg’s doorstep, seemed surprised to see Soren, but then they both claimed not to know each other. Something a bit dodgy going on but I let it pass. We can always use more willing volunteers to help tame The Greenbelt. Raelyn, the crew boss gathered some supplies from Oleg’s stores, tents, rope, rations, the usual. I figured I could live off the land and keep Stampy and myself covered, but I guess it is just good manners to try and share nature’s bountiful resources with my new friends. Since we had captured the horses from the defeated bandits, everyone was riding in style, so I jumped into Stampy’s saddle and we headed off in search of the bandit camp.

I might have talked up Stampy’s tracking ability a little. He certainly was enthusiastic, but I wasn’t real sure we were headed in the right direction. But since we had to explore the area anyway, I wasn’t too concerned. We headed South East based on what the bandit had told us, but after a few days, I could tell Stampy had lost the scent. We eventually came to a river, but it was not the Thorn, for starters it was flowing in the wrong direction, but at least we knew if we followed it, we would eventually meet up with the Thorn river and the bandits. We poked around for a bit and found the location of Nettles Crossing, although it looked broken down, I even rang the bell to see if anyone was about but nothing happened.

We set up camp for the night and everything seemed to be going well, but then I spotted a figure rise up from the river and start walking towards us. I could tell the guy was long dead and therefore some kind of zombie. As it came closer most of the crew were sickened by the creature’s stench/ The Zombie then fixed it’s terrifying gaze on Raelyn, and the poor lass was all shook up over it. Twitchy blasted it with magic missiles and I got Stampy in there with his tusks to gore the thing, and eventually Khevlar whacked it but good with his mace and finished it off. I was probably the only one to notice the thing had been muttering the while time.

Something like: “Throw the stag lord in the river that I may gaze upon death.”

Raelyn was in a bad way and collapsed in a heap but Khevlar soon had her back on her feet with some healing magic. We were wondering about the reference to this Stag Lord, but then remembered finding that amulet one of the bandit leaders in the shape of a stag and also hearing rumours about someone trying to organise the bandit groups so wondered if this Stag Lord was responsible.

Anyway, the rest of the night passed quietly so packed up camp and headed off again along the river heading now south and the west. We found some old, long dead kobold corpses that had been completely picked clean and eventually came across a fork in the river including a fork we could cross. We followed the fork to the north and worked out this was the Thorn river we were seeking. That night as we set up camp a hunter approached out of the gloom carrying a bow. He introduces himself as Avo and tells us he is hunting for animal pelts to trade with the trading post. We strike up a friendly chat as we share our camp and fill Avo in on our mission to clean up the Bandit problem. Avo seems pleased with this announcement and admits Bandits are a problem in the Greenbelt, but hints that they are not the only problem plaguing the area.

“The primary trade route from the River Kingdoms to Brevoy is the East Sellen River, a major waterway that runs through a swampy region to the west called the Hooktongue Slough. The trade route’s been closed for several months, though, due to an increased amount of violence from the boggard tribes that dwell there—hopefully the frog folk keep to the swamp and don’t turn their bulging eyes east toward the Narlmarches!”

The next day we part company with Avo and enter the thick forest nearby. Not far inm we stumble upon the bandit camp and then all hell broke loose. I don’t remember much of what happened next, but I have pieced together the sequence of events from what the others told me. The bandits were ready for us and had sentries up on platforms in the trees armed with longbows. After the pinged a few arrows off Khevlar, we moved into the tree cover to try and get the drop on them. I spotted a figure trying to sneak in under the trees and spurred Stampy forward to attack. It turned out to be the female bandit leader and she ganked my good with her twin axes so I passed out strapped to Stampy and spent the rest of the battle unconscious. Luckily I had trained Stampy well for combat so he kept at it and chased the bandit leader down and stomped her to jelly. I was a little worried when I woke later to see the looks of shock on the crew’s faces, but I assured them Stampy was safe. Let’s just say, they won’t be messing with either of us from here on in so maybe it was a good thing. Anyway, while I was out of it, the others took care of the bandits, Twitchy shooting spells till he was knocked out, Kvelar switching between trying to smash bandits, healing himself and also trying to keep everyone else alive, and Raelyn shishkabob’ing bandits on her pointy sword. At the end of all that we were a sorry looking bunch so we decided to take over the Bandit camp and heal up before heading back to Oleg’s

Here we paused


Ange Snuffa

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