Oleg's Trading Post

An old and dilapidated trading post on the edge of The Greenbelt run by Oleg and Svetlana. It was being harassed by bandits for protection money, but we dealt with that problem for them…

Apparently Oleg requested that the Swordlords assign guards to his outpost, but they have not yet arrived.

We have free room and board here as thanks for helping them with the bandits.

Oleg’s Inventory

  • Leather armor
  • Heavy wooden shield
  • Hand axe (2)
  • Javelin (5)
  • Composite longbow (+2 Str)
  • Arrows (12)
  • Scythe
  • Spears (2)
  • Antitoxin (2)
  • Torch (6)
  • Trail rations (14)
  • Lantern oil
  • Common lamp (3)
  • Candle (12)
  • One week’s worth of firewood
  • Hooded lantern
  • 70 feet of hemp rope
  • Tent

Oleg's Trading Post

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